Shiba Inu Can’t Hide Her Happiness When Sleeping Inside Snack-Like Bed

Some dogs can literally sleep everywhere they like from on the lap of their doggie friends to on the branch. If they find the sleeping spot comfortable, they won’t hesitate to sleep a while here. And this turns out to be incredibly adorable and humans around them all fall for them.

This Shiba Inu went viral with her snack-resembling beds, potato chip bag-like bed, for instance. She takes a nap inside the bag (her bed) every day and still gets hooked into it.

Yuki-Chan is the name of the Shiba. She is currently living with her family in Aomori, Japan. The cute girl really enjoys her naptime at “snack” beds.

Here are the video of the dog sleeping inside her potato chip bag-like bed.

The cute dog can’t hide her happiness when sleeping at her unique beds. This makes humans spotting her fall in love with her immediately. Who can resist the born cuteness of dogs?

Yuki-Chan now has her own Twitter account with 16.2 million followers from all around the world. People can’t get enough of her cuteness.

She is also fond of her bed that resembles a cozy cup of instant noodles. The pictures of the dog and this bed are the most popular ones.

Watch the lovely video here.

“I think this is because the color of the Shiba Inu is similar to the color of the udon ingredients. Also, her happy sleeping face is too cute,” Yuki-Chan’s owner said.

People fall in love with cute Yuki-Chan. This adorable girl fills her owners with happy vibes every day. Look no further!

If you are looking for a dog story that can boost your mood faster than a rock on Monday, this is right up your street. Enjoy!

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