Photographer Does A Newborn Kitten Photoshoot With A Rescue Kitten That Saved Her Family

Meet Calypso, the 6 week-old rescue kitten who now lives with her beloved owners in her happy home. She used be a farm kitten, so she didn’t have toys and didn’t know what they were. When she met her family for the first time, she was pretty shy and scared.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for her to adapt to her new home and fall in love with members of her family. The family finally got her settled and comfortable.

Before adopting Calypso, the family had a kitten who had lived with them for 8 years. But sadly, it passed away after a tragic encounter with the roommates dog. The family considered the cat as a member of family, so it was a hard time for them to accept the cat’s passing.

But thanks to Calypso, the family could overcome the pain of loss. The kitten helped them cope with their grief and learn to heal. She was rescued in the past, and now she rescues her whole family. You could say it’s true love.

A member of the family is a professional photographer. She often shoots weddings, couples and lifestyle sessions. For this reason, she came up with a great way to welcome the new little member into her family!!

Get ready for the probably cutest photos in history!

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