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Meet Cathode, The Adventurous Cat Who Loves Hitting The Open Road On Her Dad’s Motorcycle

If you have a cat, it’s common to see him sleeping on your bed, scratching your sofa, or fighting with the tail like a weirdo. But have you ever thought of an adventurous cat who loves skiing, skateboarding, and hitting the open roads on her dad’s motorbike? Cathode is the cat that I am talking about!

Adopted in 2014, Cathode has never let her dad, Rémy Vicarini, leave home without her. The cat loves partaking in one active adventure after another with her owner. When Vicarini agreed to foster Cathode, he never thought that the fearless feline would become his traveling companion on every road.

Cathode was an intelligent girl. She knew to create good impressions on Vicarini when they first met at an animal shelter. “There was one little kitten in particular who wouldn’t leave my side,” the man explained. “Rubbing her head and body on my legs, she was affectionate from the start. Talking to the employees, I learned the six-month-old tabby had been found abandoned at a bus stop.”

‘Cathode’, a scientific term related to electrical currents, was named for the cat. Since she was taken home, Cathode quickly became attached to her father, following him everywhere and hardly leaving his side. Their first adventures were going around the streets, enjoying the sights and sounds together. Vicarini put the cat inside his jacket and checked her regularly. He needed to make sure she was still safe. Gradually, the man thought it was better to take Cathode out on his bicycle, popping her in the basket at the front. By that way, the cat could see the world go by, and Vicarini no longer had to worry about her safety.

The man soon realized he had found a perfect match in Cathode, his best travel friend. As he was skateboarding, Cathode stayed on his shoulders, passing the streets of his hometown. Vicarini even took the cat out for cycling, canoeing, and skiing as well.

He shared “Attaching a basket to my back, I placed Cathode inside with her short leash. Then I set off down the snowy mountain. As we glided along at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour, calm Cathode placed her little paws on my shoulder and turned her head side to side, taking in the scenery.”

While some people questioned whether the cat was willing to take part in his dangerous adventures, Vicarini admitted that Cathode’s love to.

“Anyone with a cat knows you can’t force them to do anything they don’t want to. Now, after more than six years together, the bond Cathode and I have is unbreakable. Although I gave her a second chance at life, I’m positive she’s the one who feels happiest when we’re on the move together!”

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H/T: Pets Radar

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