Guy Makes Special Sushi For His Cats And The Process Is So Mesmerizing

It is no secret that cats are born with a passion for fish, and it is also no secret that the Japanese have taken their fish game to a whole new level with their world-famous sushi. So if you love cats and you know how to make sushi, it means you and your cats are purrfect for each other.

Instagram, JunsKitchen

Meet Junichi Yoshizuki, a talented cook and also a cat person at heart. The passionate guy and his wife Rachel are well-known YouTubers who create fascinating videos about food, cats and Japanese culture. This amusing couple is currently living in Fukuoka city with three cats with three different personalities: Haku, Poki, and Nagi. Since last year, they have also fostered another cat named Pichi.

Junichi’s YouTube channel JunsKitchen is one of the rare food channels that stars a few cats and it has racked up about 5.13 million subscribers so far.

Twitter, Rachel & Jun

Here is an impressive video that shows off his incredible skills with literally the most Japanese dish ever: sushi. Just like his over videos, Jun starts off by preparing his ingredients, including sashimi tuna, sea bream, chicken breast, croad beans, Japanese mustard spinach, bonito broth and corn starch water.

Screenshot, JunsKitchen

And of course, his cats have been eagerly watching him cooking the whole time (only Haku and Nagi though, Poki always steals ingredients so basically he’s banned from the kitchen).

Screenshot, JunsKitchen

The food just becomes more and more tempting as he continues to do his job. And wait, can we just take a moment to appreciate his knife proficiency?

Screenshot, JunsKitchen

Needless to say, the outcome is simply pawsome. Even though Jun claims that he is not a professional chef, it seems like his cats don’t mind at all (neither do us!). They are also incredibly good at giving others their paws, aren’t they sweet?

Screenshot, JunsKitchen

Watch the mesmerizing video here:

If you love to see more of Jun and his cats, just please visit his YouTube channel. But first things first, please share this cute video with your friends and family!




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