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Grumpy Cat Lets His Dog Brother Use Him As A Pillow

Beau is an affectionate cat who loves following his mom Lydia around. If Lydia comes home late, he will be waiting for her at the door.

“I called him Cat. I pick him up, he will literally hug me with his paws around my neck and won’t get off. Cat’s always sleeping on my chest. The first thing I see in the morning is his grumpy face,” Lydia said.

Lydia always wanted to get a dog, but she concerned about how Cat would react. Finally, she decided to add a dog named Aydan into her house. Thankfully, Cat seemed to love the new member and showed more initiative of making him feel welcome.

At first, Aydan was a little cautious about everything. He was just staying in his own zone. After a while, the big dog got really used to it. He’d start trying to play with Cat. And of course, the grumpy cat just sits there and judges the big dog.

Not only does Aydan try to play with Cat, but he also uses him as a pillow. He’ll cuddle up and put his head on Cat. At times they are like the typical siblings. They definitely have the affection.

“Beau is definitely way more sweet than he looks. Beau’s pretty tolerant with Aydan too. He has a grumpy face but he loves it. Aydan is just such a big goofball. He’s super derpy. Aydan definitely has a lot of puppy energy. He’ll get all into Cat’s business. It’s his way of bonding,” Lydia shared.

Watch their video here:

Special thanks to Lydia for sharing the sweet story. If you love Aydan and Beau, you can keep up with them on Instagram.

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