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Dog And Cats Reacted Hilariously After Being Caught In The Act

Raising pets is full of fun and they often change our lives in incredibly amusing ways that we can’t even picture. Especially when you own several animals under the same roof, they could team up on naughty missions together and you’ll never know what is going to happen the next minute. It might be troublesome, but it’s still great to have such companions in our daily life.

Here is one of the most hilarious events taking place in Richard Page’s house that the man finds hard to forget. It was a normal night when he entered his room before bedtime, just to spot his Golden Retriever Boo and his two cats Raven and Twix lying comfortably on his bed – where they were absolutely not allowed to climb on.

Screenshot, Richard Page

Richard didn’t get mad though, it’s not like he didn’t let them sleep there for some strict reasons. “If it was my choice, I’d let her sleep with us but she needs to have access to the garden to do her business when she wants, plus her daughter, Fawn would cry constantly for her momma,” the guy explained. But still, he knew he needed to do something with these “innocent” kids.

As soon as Richard started asking the three pets what were they doing there, his dog Boo came up with the most clever answer pawsible – she faked a smile, which lasted so much longer than it’s supposed to do.

Screenshot, Richard Page

Meanwhile, the cats relaxed nonchalantly, like none of that was their business and the dog was the only one to blame there.

As Richard continued to talk to Boo, she moved forward and put on her beautiful smile again in the hope of getting herself out of trouble. Raven and Twix insisted on lying still, and it wasn’t until Richard mentioned “cats as well” that the calico cat jumped out of bed real quick, leaving Boo facing the guilt and Raven chilling cozily behind.

Screenshot, Richard Page

Let’s take a peek at the awkward yet sweet moment:

To no one’s surprise, Boo later got to stay on the bed. No more fake smiles! See her happiness here:

Have you ever witnessed such a stunning smile? Please share your story with us, and don’t forget to share this jolly video with everyone you love too!



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