Chow Chows Can Fill You With Joy, Proving Through 30 Photos

Chow chows are an interesting dog breed. They have adorable contrasts in their personality. That’s what makes these cute fluffy guys fill humans around them with joy but sometimes commit “petty” crimes. But we can never stay mad at these guys when looking at their innocent eyes. They even keep the puppy soul when they are grown up, becoming giants.

Here are 25 adorable photos of Chow Chow we would like to share today. Giving them a look and you will constantly know how colorful your life is when getting a Chow Chow at home. Even when these guys cause trouble, it turns out an amazing source of smiles and laughs for your family. People who are planning to adopt a Chow Chow should never skip this post. Let’s check it out!

1. “Huh? I’m just waiting for my mom to return home from the supermarket.”

2. “My mom has just given me some kisses and I’m a bit embarrassed about it.”

3. “I don’t want to stay at home alone, mommy. Could you bring me to the office with you?”

4. “I’m trying to be a snowman but mom comes to get me and brings me home. She said that I played outside for a long.”

5. “Oh, the floor is a bit high for me. I’m still a puppy so it’s easy to understand why my legs are short.”

6. “My brother told me to stay here and not let anyone enter his room.”

7. “I’ve been waiting for my mom for almost 600 seconds. We’re heading to the park but she hasn’t finished dressing up yet.”

8. “Hi, I’m so excited to see you guys.”

9. “We’re siblings!”

10. “Mommy, look! My tongue is purple. Amazing!”

11. “I don’t want to take any selfies but this woman insists me to do. And here is how I pose.”

12. “I’ve got a lot of lucky money at Lunar New Year.”

13. “This is me after taking a bath. No longer a fluffy boy.”

14. “Is there anyone that wants to join me sitting in this swing?”

15. “Do I have to pose like this for the photo?”

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