30 Best Photos From ‘How It Started Vs. How It Ended’ Meme Challenge

Have you heard of the “How it started vs. how it ended” meme challenge? It’s where pet owners share photos of their pets before and after the adoption. These furry friends have made an incredible transformation. At the first day coming into their new home, they’re fragile, reserved, and a bit scared. But now these guys are healthy, playful, and affectionate. They enjoy living in their home. Just look at their face to know how!

The meme challenge was first posted on September 23, 2020 on Twitter by user Vjillanelles. From then, pet owners have joined the challenge and shared meme photos of their best. They’re all incredibly adorable (and hilarious). Scrolling down, and you won’t stop saying “aww”. If you are considering adopting a pet, you will get more move with these pics. Let’s check them out!

1. “The 3rd Christmas Eve with my mom and dad. I’m a lucky and happy dog.”

2. “We’re happy to grow up happily together. Mom saved us and gave us a happy home. It changed our life forever.”

3. “Finally, I can join my owners in his match. We’re teammates and best friends.”

4. “I know that I’m a handsome cat.”

5. “Nothing is better than a nap in the lap of my human.”

6. “We’re always best friends, right. I’m a trustful dog now, so I can protect and assist you.”

7. “I go to work with my human every day, observing what he does and how he works.”

8. “Time flies, kitten changes, becoming a strong, smart and handsome cat.”

9. “I’m so happy about the birthday party that you held for me. I’ve been with our family for 5 years, feeling like I’m the luckiest boy in this world.”

10. “Although I’m a big fluffy guy, my mind is still a puppy.”

11. “Ok, you can take a photo of me if you want.”

12. “This new home gives me a second chance in life. I’m a healthy, smart, and affectionate girl.”

13. “The woman behind me took a selfie when I felt asleep. An unflattering pic!”

14. “You are taking a photo of me, right? What will you use the picture for?

15. “I just wanna show you my born cuteness. It surely boosts your mood faster than a rocket.”

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