25+ Strange Cats Who Come From Another Planet

Cats are playful and energetic animals that we know. Moreover, they can be very out of this world sometimes. They are very strange and hilarious. You will be surprised to see weird things from these furry friends. For that reason, we collected some hilarious photos of cats who come from another planet.

If you don’t believe it, let’s take a look at the 27 photos below. We are sure that these photos will put a smile on your face and make your day better. Scroll down to see!

1. “I believe I can fly.”

@TastyLemonCunt123/ Reddit

2. “Can you sit here like me?”

@lekshmibala/ Reddit

3. The best place to take a nap in the summer.

@kingsfockets/ Reddit

4. “Do you see me?”

@welcomethrilllhouse/ Reddit

5. “My new house with my best friend.”

@aylinekrem0/ Reddit

6. “If you don’t see me, you can find me in here.”

@JViel90/ Reddit

7. “The way up is very easy.”

@fartbutts83/ Reddit

8. Do you want to choose me?


9. “Think about my life.”

@grumbo69/ Reddit

10. “Wait for me. I’m coming.”

@SmileyBennett/ Reddit

11. Electric meow cooker.

@TheNecroticRaptor/ Reddit

12. Haizzz…

@XxF1RExX/ Reddit

13. “Sometimes, I don’t want to see anyone.”

@the-delinquent/ Reddit

14. Home decoration item.

@thereasonablecatlady/ Reddit

15. “Everyone loves soda, therefore I must be more than soda. Hooman! Carry me.”

@No-Session9530/ Reddit

16. “We absolutely love the new house.”

@JAMbruz/ Reddit

17. Time to relax.

@gay_fella/ Reddit

18. “We are beautiful!”

@Thereaper29/ Reddit

19. Can’t wait to meet a new friend!

@SOS–666/ Reddit

20. “Today I am so tired.”

@frilly22/ Reddit

21. Enjoying their new cat tree.

@UWCG/ Reddit

22. When you want to show off your new bikini but you’re not photogenic.

@xXRocketLawnChairXx/ Reddit

23. “Please, leave me alone.”

@TurdsforNipples/ Reddit

24. iPhone Meow

@TREX69er/ Reddit

25. “What a strange herb!”

@ObtuseLlamasGifts/ Reddit

26. Cool man

@Some_Guitar/ Reddit

27. “I don’t know how I got up here.”

@Creative_Pie8673/ Reddit

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