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20+ Working Dogs Who Should Be Remembered Forever For Their Dedication

Why do people say “Dogs are human best friends”? One of the reasons is that dogs are so closed to us, and sometimes they can be the ones who understand us the most. Another factor is that dogs can serve a variety of human purposes. In general, there is a wide range of jobs that dogs can take part in and become supportive co-workers of humans, such as working for the police, in the military, at the hospital, at school, etc. Besides, some of the dogs are specially trained for hunting, smelling, catching (mouse/ fish), and rescuing humans.

So we can be proud of our excellent friends. Their contribution should be permanently remembered. Today, we would like to introduce to you twenty-two friends who are doing their best jobs and beautifying our life with their roles. Please have a look, and leave a comment for these admirable friends!

#1. He is a search and rescue dog who was covered in mud as he was looking for survivors at the side of a landslide in Atami.

Image: ifallupthestairsalot

#2. These are a police dog and his co-worker!

Image: Police-dog 

#3. The Dorset Horn is an endangered British breed of domestic sheep which has characteristic pink noses, and in this pic, Shaun the lamb is being bottle-fed by Jess, a Springer Spaniel, who has been trained since a puppy to help take care of this rare breed of sheep. Jess has been ‘mother’ to 4 lambs.

Credit: KimCureAll

#4. Dogs can serve in military as well!

Image: AyeeHayche

#5. Medical dog trailing a French wounded soldier, 1914.

Image: Lays__Chips

#6. Kruger and Sorra is service dogs. They are waiting to catch the bus after a training meet-up! Sorra (shepherd x ) does medical alert and Kruger(st bernard x lab) is training for psych and mobility. It was lovely to get the opportunity to meet other handlers again!

Image: Miceeks

#7. He is responsible for detecting and helping children while they are swimming.

Image: DrFaustus611

#8. This is one of six livestock guardian dogs at Split Creak Farms in Anderson SC.

Image: Rainbow_Hedgehog

#9.”Gluten Detection Dog – Saving my life daily as a celiac.”

Image: Delta-Tails

#10. “Chester (Liver-Ticked GSP), Reba (Liver Roan GSP) and Dolly (Springer Spaniel) – Guiding Bird Hunts and Living Their Best Lives!”

Image: gundogdave

#11. He is a herding dog!

Image: sh1tsandgigs13

#12. “This is my seizure alert dog Ivor, he was a rescue with a cleft palate and started alerting naturally. He has finished PA training and is ready to come to uni with me in September ????”

Image: beekepper1

#13. Zeus is a therapy dog, a school helper, who comes in to help relieve stress during exam times.

Image: Boisyno

#14. “Local fisherman dog, hard at work!”

Image: DegenFromUpNorth02

#15. “My Seizure Response Dog in Training, Code, is at Medical Mutts in Indianapolis.”

Image: Taric25

#16. “Apparently my guide dog puppy-in-training has some opinions about escalators…”

Image: Ath_Cliath

#17.This dog’s job is to retrieve the bats at baseball games.

Image: Zhaefari

#18. He is a police dog, a protector, and a good son of his mother.

Image: Police-dog

#19. Police Dog: “This is Jax, a K9 who stepped in to work Friday night so his coworker could go have fun. 18/10 very good boi.”

Image: CatSaysHi

#20. “My seizure/epilepsy alert dog taking care of me while I recover from kidney surgery (I also have kidney disease).”

Image: futurelawdog

#21. “My dog was part of an ad campaign to Scoop Your Poop”

Image: SlowShoes

#22. “My girl was recently tramatized by some kids, and I just wanted to share how proud I am of her for bouncing back so well. She is a service dog that helps with my sensory issues.”

Image: Hungry_Illustrator_6

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