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20+ Weird Dogs Who Act Like Their Functions Are Broken

As you know, dogs are cute and loyal creatures. That’s the reason why they are called man’s best friend. However, anyone who has ever owned a dog knows the fact that dogs are weirdos. They always know how to surprise us with their crazy and weird actions. Even experience dog owners who know clearly about dog behavior cannot avoid being surprised by these dogs. They act like there is something wrong in their systems. But no matter how weird and silly they are, we still love them so much!

In this post, we collected some funny photos of ‘malfunctioning’ dogs so we can have a good laugh! Our four-legged canine companions are joining in and acting weird in the most adorable and hilarious ways. Scroll down to see for yourself and feel free to share your photos with us if you haven’t already done so!

1. Looks like a horror film. We hope the doggie isn’t a zombie.

Image credit: RedFroosh

2. Me when I did something bad and I know I have to be quiet or I get kicked out.

Image credit: Reddit

3. Click on “Object > rotate > counterclockwise” to fix this dog up.

Image credit: MeaMaximaCunt

4. “This is Honey. She will show you her ears or her tongue, but never both. The word isn’t ready for that.”

Image credit: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

5. Looks like this dog has a giant head and skinny legs.

Image credit: TheRabbitEaredOne

6. “Honey, did you fiddle with the gravity switch again? I think it is put on 90°.”

Image credit: Ciavagliajm

7. Yoga pose!

Image credit: itsjustjollyranchers

8. His friend is a brick.

Image credit: AlmomoNamal

9. “You can’t see me…. I’m the bag of food I totally was not trying to steal.”

Image credit: Imgur

10. “Hooman, stop laughing, I is stuck!”

Image credit: WarDSquare

11. He ate Tinky Winky!!

Image credit: draggles

12. “If I fit, I sit.”

Image credit: Dependent_Wolverine8

13. Lol, huskies – the derps of the dogs world.

Image credit: maddie529

14. “Screw your screen, hooman!”

Image credit: Reddit

15. Hot dog buns!

Image credit: cookingncleaning

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