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20 Pictures Proving Cats Are The Cutest On Earth Even When They Are Angry

Anger is described as a negative emotion, and most people are less pretty when they are angry. But that isn’t the same with cats. They are cute and cuddly even though you get on their bad side. I know the best thing to do (if my cat is having a bit of a mood swing) is to give them their own sweet space for a while, and save myself from the threat of gaping scratch and bite wounds. However, when I look at these pictures, I just don’t want to leave these adorable angels even in just a second. They totally stole my heart with their cuteness.

Believe me! Twenty following pictures of the angry cutest cats will make you laugh over their lovely facial expressions. Let’s scroll out, and have a look!

#1. “Why are you not paying attention to me?!”

Image: angry_cats_0

#2. He looks like a baby tiger.  But don’t worry, this tiger won’t bite you!

Image: angry_cats_0

#3. You after having an argument with mom

Image: Jocelyn Marie

#4. She is angry but cute

Image: AmazingThings

#5. “No human, I do not want your love”

Image: Queemella Pang

#6. “I said NO KISSES”

Image: Vitit Inon

#7. Ahhh this is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Image: SamCampbell13

#8.  When you have a bad day…..

Image: angry_cats_0

#9. “Grrrrrrrrrr”

Image: daisy.arias

#10. Even when they are fighting each other, they look adorable!

Image: barb_and_rib

#11. When your boyfriend didn’t come to see you for days”

Image: @YarinJimenez

#12. “I am not angry, just possessed.”

Image: Mindfreak66

#13. Cats: “I can’t calm myself down”

Mom: “Darlings, this is pate for you!”


Image: snori_and_adele

#14. “My friend’s cat is extremely cute, but always looks extremely angry”

Image: Imgur

#15. “This is Nyla, a cute but attitudinal Abyssinian.. could make a great “Angry Cat” meme!”

Image: Celeron Hubbard

#16. He looks angry and cute at the same time. Fantastic!

Image: angry_cats_0

#17. “She’s so mad at me…”

Image: brendan239

#18. “Can you hear me now Meow….?!”

Image: pierdziec

#20. “Never touch my belly again!”

Image: Pinterest

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