20+ Photos Showing That Black Cats Are Attractive And Special

There’s a superstition related to the black cat. They become a Halloween icon as many people have come to believe that they’re bad luck if they cross your path. For this reason, they are usually found at shelters, and they wait longer to be adopted. However, in fact, black cats are awesome animals that can make great pets for any family.

For us and animal lovers, we believe that all animals are valuable. That’s the reason why we decided to collect some photos of black cats to share with you. Check out these photos and you will realize that black cats can become your best companions who bring joy and love to your life. Scroll down to see!

1. “King didn’t get much love on r/cats, so I’d thought I’d share this cute pic with you guys!”

2. A monster

“Thought I got a kitten, got a friendly demon instead.”

3. Tell him he’s beautiful. He’s nervous for his date.

“He’s nervous for his date.”

4. Every store needs a store cat

5. Adorable! Looks cheeky but also like she’ll get away with being cheeky.

“My other co-worker for the next 3 weeks. She has no regard for social distancing.”

6. “You guys said it would happen and it finally did! (Four months later.) My cat is finally sitting on the sofa I crocheted for her.”

7. “This is my favorite place.”

“He doesn’t belong to me, but he frequently visits my apartment, sits purring for a few hours, and then asks to leave. He seems to do this to everyone in the apartment complex. He is a public cat.”

8. Lol look at the expression on this cat’s face

“Just had to adopt this sweetie after hearing she was at the shelter the longest. I love her to death!”

9. A blooming ‘cat flower’

10. Just a few of jiji’s many faces

11. Merry Christmas!!!

“I thought angels were meant to go on top of Christmas trees, not under them.”

12. Two little doots

13. A real monster.

14. What a cute and funny pic!

15. Nero sits so elegantly, he’s like an ornament.

16. “Jasper and Neil were a little dramatic about their recent vet visit.”

17. Showing off the beans! He is so adorable.

“I posted about my friend finding an abandoned new-born a few weeks ago, here is an update: he is THRIVING & almost too cute to comprehend”

18. Black Heart

“My twin black cats that like to sleep mirrored got into this position last night. ❤️”

19. Margot! She’s small and sweet and delightfully weird.

20. Bless you! And your new catkin. He looks so happy hugging his new stuff !????

“Blackie was abandoned by his family right before Christmas. We took him in. Here he is hugging all of his presents at once.”

21. So warm and comfortable!

“I adopted this loaf 2 months ago! She still loves to rest her head on my hand.”

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, you should consider getting a black cat. What do you think about these furry friends? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family members!

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