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20 Incredible Photos Of Big-Sized Cats That Might Surprise You How Big They Can Be

When we hear the word “cats”, we often think of cute and small animals that we can pick up with our hands and hold in our arms. However, in the animal kingdom, cats are always amazing creatures with incredible abilities and truths. Do you know that some cats are well-known for their incredibly large size? It’s hard to believe, but cats sometimes can be as bis as humans’ size. The world’s largest cat, according to Guinness Book, is 48.5 inches long, what an amazing number!

Here are twenty ‘giant’ cats that might change your mind of how big they can be. If you feel interested, just swipe up and enjoy amazing moments!

#1. My face when I see this picture: 😮😯😮😮

Image: u/radecki07

#2. She weighs over twenty pounds. Incredible!

Image: Imperial Maine Coons

#3. I can’t imagine how big he is until I look at this picture.

Image: Pawley Golightly

#4. “Hi, uhmm… Do I look like a small tiger?”

Image: Tooktik Sriboon

#5. Nixie no longer fit in her mom’s arms

Image: u/Sibbys

#6. I can’t believe that Thunderball is three times bigger than a laptop!

Image: Thunderball the ragdoll

#7. I haven’t seen such a giant cat like her before!

Image: u/starlightinspace

#8. “My cat was too big for most cat harnesses at local pet supply stores. Looking for suggestions on a good harness for a cat this size? She’s about 12-13 lbs”

Image: kanible

#9. Such a big long boy!

Image: Reddit

#10. Wonderful!

Image: u/priceless37

#11. Fantastic!

Image: dsb

#12. “Who ever saw mini-sized Batman??🦇”

Image: bagheera_kasumi_cat

#13. Look at the cat! You will see that she is as big as the dogs

Image: Cassie Campbell

#14. This is Taco sleeping on his ‘tiny’ bed!

Image: Taco Cat

#15. “It’s hard to hold this heavy puma in my arms!”

Image: u/sunshineandhomicide

#16. “My cat is a big CHONK in a full-sized bath tub.”

Image: Professional retard

#17. Meet Bronson, a giant sweet cat. In 2018, he was adopted and weighed 33lbs.

Image: I Am Bronson Cat

#18. “His name is Bazooka and he is quite chonky”

Image: u/tehburaldeh

#19. “The 2-year-old orange and white tabby tips the scale at nearly 40 pounds. He’s one super-sized cat.”

Image: Internet

#20. “Here is Geoffrey. My 7-month-old, 12 pound Siberian.”

Image: Reddit


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