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15+ Dogs And Cats Friendships Which Break Your Stereotype That They Can’t Be Friends

There is an idiom in English that says “It is raining cats and dogs”. It originates from the fact that they are often fighting against each other. Cats and dogs are born with opposite characteristics. But do they really have to be arch enemies or can our best friends become friends with each other too? Sometimes a cat and a dog will become instant friends, often they will develop a tolerance of each other over many years.

If you still don’t believe cats and dogs can be friends together, just calm down and wait till the end of this blog. Here are sixteen pictures of cats and dogs who have long been good friends. And promise, they make us change our mind. Let’s scroll over, and have a look!

#1. “These two personalities couldn’t be more different, but somehow they’re still the perfect little pair ???? I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Image: notso_mini_cooper

#2. They are fighting, but they are still good friends

Image: Zoey VanGoey

#3.  Dog: “Toby is my best friend”

Image: Oliver the Tuxedo

#4. “This was Redford’s first day in our house. He found a safe place snuggling with Lucy. Redford now weighs 17 pounds.”

Image: Marilyn

#5. Wednesdae ???? Ayeesha

Image: valentino_delta_dog

#6. “My dog and cat became inseparable”

Image: Lil’ Rascals Pet Care

#7.  Cat: “I should probably be afraid of you, huh? How long before you take a swipe at my nose.”

Image: Nala and Rawlf

#8. Let’s take a selfie together!

Image: pawkwardcats

#9. This cat adopted the puppy and feed him every day

Image: EssayCapital

#10.  She cares for her puppies and the kittens at the same time. Such a busy mom!

Image: u/derawin07

#11. “My dog and cat eating together. I wonder how they can finish the meal without a fight!”

Image: Maxiscoolerthanyou

#12. Who says dogs and cats can’t be best friends?

Image: Kiba (key•buh)

#13. Amira has always kept loving eyes on Aber

Image: mushu.20.20

#14. Cuteeeeee!

Image: Jennifer Martin

#15. “Mari & Jack checking each other out…”

Image: Suzanne

#16. Bentley & Harley become attached to each other like brother and sister


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